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Written By Vibhuti Desai

We love a good Founder Story. The philosophy, lifestyle and top tips from the people who passionately create, formulate, design and build their brand, is so inspiring. Shop My Shelf is our repository of recommendations sourced from people whose skin, beauty, wellness and general life principles we admire! In this edition we chat with Founder Duo & sisters in real life - Sejal & Ishaani


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How did both of you enter the skincare industry? Was it a personal experience that led to the inception of Suhi & Sego?

Sejal & Ishaani: Skincare has always been an integral part of our lives because of our Dadi, who garnered her knowledge of herbal remedies from her naturopath father-in-law. We grew up using the magical concoctions that she whipped up in the kitchen. We even had “lotion making” as an activity at our birthday parties! And so, self-care was ingrained into us from a very young age.

Back in the day, Dadi also had her own skincare brand. Her products were sold all across India and even exported to the US. She manufactured and sold everything from face care, to body care, to hair care. The brand was way ahead of its time as each product was formulated with "wellness at its core” using natural ingredients. So when Ishaani & I came back from college,  we knew we had to carry on her legacy with updated formulations, but with the same philosophy.

Could you share some skincare secrets?

Sejal & Ishaani: Both of us have dry skin, so one of our biggest secrets is occasionally skipping our morning cleanse and replacing it with a cold water rinse. This helps our skin maintain its natural moisture without over-stripping it.

If you could share just one tip for someone just starting off their skincare journey - what would it be?

  •  Start super duper simple. Cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF.
  •  Be consistent with it, morning and evening.
  •  Focus on prevention, rather than correction.

    Share 2 Wellness rituals that you follow

    Sejal: One of our favorite rituals is starting our morning with a glass of water stored in a copper vessel overnight. With so many health benefits, this ritual has been a part of our daily routine since we were kids. 

    Ishaani: I start my day with oil pulling, a technique that has helped me immensely. A  tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil for 5-10 minutes before brushing my teeth. It has helped me release the tension in my jaws, improve my gum & teeth health and with general detoxification of the body.

    Your favorite skincare ingredient?

    Sejal & Ishaani: Peptides

    Beach or Mountain?

    Sejal & Ishaani: Tough one but we’d choose the mountains– crisp cool air, pink sunsets, long walks & mountain wildflowers.

    What are your inflight skincare essentials?

    Sejal & Ishaani: 

    • Suhi & Sego Toner - before take off, mid-flight and before we land
    • Face cream or an occlusive balm to apply just before take-off. 
    • A nourishing, thick lip balm that can be slathered on again & again to ensure that the dryness from the aircraft doesn’t get to us. 
    • A buttery hand cream- very necessary after all that sanitizer.
    • TONS of water.

      Bedside essentials

      Sejal & Ishaani: A copper jug of water, a tissue box, an occlusive ointment (usually vaseline or Lucas Papaw), Suhi & Sego Body Lotion, Rescue Sleep Drops, Tiger Balm & Lavender Oil.

      Last thing you do before going to bed

      Ishaani: Listen to a podcast! I recently switched from watching TV before bed to listening to a podcast. I have started sleeping better - longer hours & more restful sleep. 

      Sejal: I love sitting in bed and sipping on some chamomile tea. It’s a super relaxing ritual that helps me sleep better.

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