Copper Peptides, the most powerful non-invasive way for your skin to slow down aging.

Written By Aman Mohunta, Co-Founder Aminu

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In an age of clinical science being (mis)marketed, through Ingredient Focus we want to simplify the jargon, educate our community and empower them to make the right choices for their skincare needs. A glossary of skin, beauty and wellness by KOSA.

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Peptides are building blocks of all protein in our body, including collagen and elastin that give structure and elasticity to our skin. Made up of amino acids, peptides naturally occur in our body. However, as we age the concentration of amino acids & peptides in our body decreases resulting in lesser production on collagen and elastin ultimately causing wrinkles & sagging on the surface of the skin.

Copper as a mineral is also naturally found in our bodies and is very important for multiple cellular processes and cell regeneration. Again, with age, the concentration of all trace elements including copper diminishes in our body and thus the need to provide that externally to make sure enough new collagen & elastin is being produced. 

However, it is not easy to deliver copper to deeper layers of skin. That is where copper peptide becomes a game changer. The peptide chains attached to copper help deliver copper to deeper skin layers and re-ignite the collagen factory. Thus using both these ingredients as part of your skincare routine, helps maintain the skin’s frameworks, keeping it looking youthful and fighting signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and sag.

Since peptides & copper work at such a fundamental level in the skin, they also have wound healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that peptides can also help inhibit the production of melanin in our skin and thus can help with fading age spots.

This is a key ingredient in Aminu’s anti-aging line. Copper peptides pair well with most other skincare actives. Leveraging this feature, Aminu formulated the Copper Peptide Serum incorporating Cu-GHK, Copper - Peptide Complex, Gallic Acid derivative, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, silanol to give a holistic better prevaging solution in one serum. 

Copper Peptides work well most skincare actives including retinoids or acids. But as with any skincare actives, layering should be done keeping in mind your skin type and skincare.

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